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Car Insurance

Search for your next car insurance thorough the QuoteZone search engine or our car insurance advertisers.  

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Van Insurance

Find your best van insurance by getting a quote from one of our van insurance partners. 

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Home Insurance

Check out for home insurance though our home insurance providers and the QuoteZone search engine. 

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Bike Insurance

Search through our motorbike insurance providers or find your best quote with the QuoteZone search form.

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Life Insurance

Obtain a live insurance quote from our preferred multilingual financial advisers' team.

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Pet Insurance

Search with our Pet Insurance providers for you Pet Insurance.

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Travel Insurance

Look for travel insurance from some of the most popular insurance providers on the market.

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Breakdown Cover

Breakdown cover quote from most of the UK leading recovery companies

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Public Liability

Builder, Hairdresser, Cleaner or skilled professional. Find your Public Liability insurance.

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Landlord Insurance

Landlord with one or portfolio of properties? Obtain a quote here.

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Taxi Insurance

Looking for a taxi insurance? Get a quote through our two search facilities.

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Short Term Insurance

If you only need a short term motor insurance you can obtain a quote now here.

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In most of the countries in Eastern Europe insurance was something one would only buy as a last resort. In the UK people have different attitude towards insurance. Moreover, some insurances, such as vehicle insurance or home insurance for mortgaged properties are compulsory.

This section of the website will strive to provide honest, comprehensive and unprejudiced information in relation to insurance.

  • Car Insurance
    Get a quote from some of the most competitive UK insurers
  • Van Insurance
    As with car insurance, the insurance for vans, whether used privately or for business, is compulsory in the UK.
  • Home Insurance
    Home insurance, unlike car insurance, is not obligatory but with prices of properties, crime and domestic fires on the increase, home insurance cover is undoubtedly a necessity.
  • Motorbike Insurance
    Having motorbike insurance is not only obligatory but also absolutely necessary. Many accidents on UK roads involve bikes so having the right policy is imperative.
  • Life Insurance
    We are all busy with everyday chores and getting on with life and no one likes to consider the unthinkable. But… we all have loved ones for whom we’d like to make sure are financially secure in the event of our death.
  • Pet Insurance
    If your pet get sick, providing the best on time care without considering the costs is a priority.
  • Travel Insurance
    With air travel becoming so affordable in recent years and people working far from home, travel has become a way of life. Travel insurance is a must for most of us.
  • Breakdown Cover
    Breakdown cover offers you a piece of mind should your vehicle fail. There are different levels of cover.
  • Business Insurance
    Public Liability Insurance - Businesses that are mostly at risk from public liability claims are those who deal with suppliers or clients visiting the business premises and although having a public liability is not required by law, there are certain types of businesses which will need such insurance in order to trade.
    Landlord Business Insurance
    If you let your property to tenants, you may need more than just home insurance. Landlord insurance is home insurance designed for rental properties.
    Taxi Insurance
    Courier Insurance
    Motor Trade Insurance
  • Short Term Insurance


  • HPI Check
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