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Document Translation

Need a document translated?

We offer a swift and accurate service at competitive prices.

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Potrzebujesz coś przetłumaczyć?

Oferujemy szybkie i dokładne usługi po konkurencyjnych cenach.

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Ai nevoie de traducerea unui document?

Oferim un serviciu rapid şi sigur la preţuri competitive.

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It is easy to order. Please email us your inquiry, specifying the exact number of pages/words, content type and preferred deadline. Best of all, fax us or simply attach the text file you want us to translate in an email in order to get a more precise price estimate. In addition to being able to receive your documents by fax or post, we can also get them as links to websites, as emails or email attachments; we support various program formats. So feel free to contact us by e-mail or fax.
Confidentiality is a key issue with us. Our translators adhere to strict rules of confidentiality in connection with the translation jobs they perform. All assignments are being treated with the utmost confidentiality, both by NSS and our translators alike. Documents sent to us will remain strictly confidential - and if required, we will be happy to sign a confidentiality agreement.

Translation and interpretation services

UKSimple is cooperating with NSS and we are now able to offer high quality, fast and value for money translation.

Norsk Språkservice (NSS) is a client-centred language services company, serving businesses and individuals worldwide. Translation and interpretation services provided by NSS include expert translation and interpreting of all types - covering most languages and areas. Our rates will depend on the amount of text, type of content and specific deadlines, but will also vary depending on the language combination, subject area, as well as the degree of difficulty of the source text. We offer special discounted rates on larger or regular translation or interpreting assignments. Feel free to contact us for a quotation.

Our Services
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There is a German proverb saying: "I can sell in any language, but I will buy only in German”. Our professional translators will be able to translate your website in the languages you need to sell your products in. Nothing is more important than being able to describe what you are selling in your clients’ native language.



With the NSS experience in translating for a number of governments and international bodies we can claim that we have the necessary procedures in place to avoid leakage of information and adhere to confidentiality.



Native linguists with industry-specific experience will translate your legal documents, financial and tax documentation, specialised medical or technical texts. We have language specialists with the knowledge and expertise to perform quality translations in almost any business translation field.



The NSS team can translate your personal documents, web pages, letters and other types of text. We also provide certified/notarised translations of documents. Fast turnover and quality translation of tax, financial, legal and immigration records.


* Terms and Conditions: Only confirmed sales from the following products will be accepted: breakdown, car, home, landlord, life, public liability, pet and van insurance. We will verify all sales and your name will only be entered should the insurance remain in place for at least 3 months. All sales will be checked against the advertiser databases and only those confirmed will enter the draw. We reserve the right to decline entry for sales that have been cancelled.

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