Monday, December 18, 2017
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Vehicle history check at just £9.99 by anp

New £9.99 Basic Check Available
The Basic Check includes 5 main data points:
- Outstanding finance flag (finance agreement details not included)
- Recorded as stolen
- Imported/Exported
- Recorded scrapped by DVLA
- Write-off flag (full write-off details not included)

UKSimple working hours by anp

Dear Customers,

UKSimple office will be closed between 14th - 17th of April 2017.

Happy Easter!

UKSimple new working hours by anp

UKSimple new working hours:
Monday - Friday: 9:00 - 19:00
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21 February 2017
How to manage your policy in Direct Line?
By anp @ 14:51 :: 2448 Views ::


It is known fact that most Eastern Europeans in the UK have had some difficulty in managing their car insurance policies as this had to be done by phone. The English is not the first language for the immigrants and most often they struggle to explain what they need over the phone. Hence it has been welcomed to see that more and more companies offer you the opportunity to manage your policy online or via live chat.

Most recently this became possible also for one of the biggest UK insurers Direct Line.

Here is the link where you can:

  • Change your name
  • Request a copy of a document

Use the form

...or you can click the button below if you would like to upload a document

Upload a Document

Use Live Chat if you:

  • Need to change the vehicle on your policy
  • Need to add or remove a driver
  • Want to drive your vehicle outside of the UK
  • Change your address
  • Any other change not listed on this page
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