Would my personal possessions be covered as well?
Sunday, September 23, 2018
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Would my personal possessions be covered as well? Minimize
Your insurance should cover your personal belongings and cash against loss or damage. However, insurance companies expect you to look after your possessions at all times.
Most policies impose a limit to the cover on any one item. So it might be worth adding 'all risks' cover to your household contents insurance and valuables like jewellery or cameras.
Some policies pay a set amount for the loss of a passport. This should cover any extra travel and accommodation expenses you incur to get it replaced.
If you lose or have something stolen, report the incident to the local police within 24 hours, and get written conformation that you have done this.
Follow these tips for a thief-free holiday:
Don't leave your belongings unattended
Never leave valuables on show in your car
Always leave valuables in a hotel safe or safe deposit box
Keep money, documents and valuables with you when travelling

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