What about if I get ill or have an accident abroad
Sunday, September 23, 2018
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What about if I get ill or have an accident abroad? Minimize
It's crutial you are covered for medical expenses, as hospital and doctors' bills can be enormous, especially in North America.
Most policies require you to pay a small excess towards the cost of treatment and medicines, but will also pay benefits - up to a set limit - if you have to stay in hospital.
If you travel within the EU you should get form E111 from a Post office. This will entitle you to reciprocal health service care in the countries you visit. However, few EU countries pay for the full cost of treatment, and you're likely to be treated in a private clinic or hospital, so it's important to have your own insurance. Remember to keep all doctors', hospital and chemists' bills to support any claim you make.
Your policy should also cover you for any extra accommodation or travel expenses you incur as a result of illness, or if you have to go home early because of the illness or death of a close relative or business partner.

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