Sunday, September 23, 2018
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What is a Content Insurance?

Home Content Insurance is designed to cover all of your household contents. For example, your furniture, carpets, curtains, television, stereo, kitchen equipment, ornaments, antiques, personal possessions, clothes, computing equipment, etc.

The sum you insure for should equal the total value of everything that is located within your house which you could take with you if you decided to move. Therefore, the contents value does not include fitted furniture which will be covered under your Buildings insurance.

Many policies include accidental damage of glass items such as mirrors, glass tops to furniture, ceramic hobs and fixed glass in furniture. Please check you proposed policy.

Some policies will also cover accidental damage to electric equipment such as televisions, satellite receivers, videos, home computers and audio equipment. It is commonly possible to extend your policy to cover accidental damage to any and all of the contents in your home.

By the way, always be realistic when you estimate the value of your contents. If you under insure, this will result in any payout being reduced due to insufficient insurance cover.

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