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Tinklapis atvykusiems dirbti ir gyventi į JK

Šiame tinklapyje rasite informaciją apie gyvenimą Jungtinėje Karalystėje lietuvių kalba. Kurdami šį tinklapį norėjome padėti neseniai i šalį gyventi atvykusiems tautiečiams, bei tiems kas dar nespėjo pamėgti kalbėti angliškai. Čia sužinosite kaip lengviau įsikurti Britanijoje, kokie vietiniai įstatymai ir papročiai, kaip įsigyti nekilnojamą turtą ir kt. Jeigu nerandate Jus dominančios temos, parašykite mums, bandysim atsakyti. Jūsų klausimas bus patalpintas FAQ (dažniausiai užduodamų klausimų) skyrelyje.




UKSimple is offering high quality, fast and value for money translation to businesses and individuals worldwide. The translation and interpretation services we provide include expert translation and interpreting of all types - covering most languages and areas. For more information and documents upload service click here.



sp In most of the countries in Eastern Europe insurance was something one would only buy as a last resort. In the UK people have different attitude towards insurance. Moreover, some insurances, such as vehicle insurance or home insurance for mortgaged properties are compulsory. To find more information and to get a quote from some of the most competitive UK insurers click here!
uk insurance
sp Some financial experts reckon it has been very easy to obtain credit in the UK, which has lead to UK personal debt levels of more than £1 trillion. Indeed, every one of us is responsible of managing his own finances. So if you’re better informed, you’re less likely you are to make mistakes. For more information on bank accounts, credit cards, loans and mortgages in the UK in a few different languages click here.
sp Jungtinės Karalystės darbo rinka yra viena didžiausių ir stipriausių Europoje, todėl pritraukia didelį darbininkų ir profesionalų kiekį.Sužinokite daugiau apie darbuotojų teises ir pareigas JK. Nuorodas į aktualius tinklapius bei informaciją apie įdarbinimo agentūras rasite  ...čia.
sp Whether it is for a holiday or just to get to one’s country of origin, an average immigrant travels abroad more often than normal. This is bolstered recently by the fact that most of the low cost European Airlines have expanded the network of airports making more cities and towns much more easily accessible. Here you will find links to useful websites and information on flights, airport parking, ferries and holidays. ...more
sp We believe that no matter how hard one works, there should be time set aside for entertainment, rest and relaxation. Therefore, we have focussed a whole section of our website for just this topic. Here you will find list of tourist hot-spots in the UK, famous entertainment venues, concerts and links to web-sites promoting such events. ...more
sp With energy costs on the increase, more and more people are looking for value for money suppliers. There are more than 300 tariffs and most of them are very confusing making it difficult to compare. ...more
* The information on the site has been supplied and translated form volunteer collaborators and we can not be hold responsible for inaccuracy. Everyone should also make additional research and seek second opinion.

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