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Monday, April 22, 2019
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Make your skills and qualifications easily understood by an employer in Europe 
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You have probably heard about the Europass CV, which allows you to create a CV that is understandable and easy-to-read for any employer across Europe. But did you know you can also create a European Skills passport? This is a collection of up to four documents that means all your skills and qualifications are also easily comprehensible to a potential European employer.

The European Skills passport is made up of up to four documents – but of course you only have to include what you think is useful for your job search!

The Language Passport is a document you create yourself, and the Europass Mobility document, the Diploma supplement and the Certificate Supplement are issued by the awarding organisation or institution, as an explanation of your education, training and experience. You have to remember that for an employer in another European country the education and training systems in their own country could be quite different!

  • European Language Passport - This is especially useful for employers recruiting candidates from other European countries.They can see clearly which languages you speak, to what level, and if you have experiences abroad, or certificates attesting this language knowledge. As with the Europass CV, you can create it easily online and download it or send it directly to your email.
  • Europass Mobility - This document is a record of knowledge and skills acquired during an experience in another European country, and it is completed by the two partner organisations involved - the first in your sending country and the second in country you went to. Perhaps you’ve done a work placement in a company, an Erasmus term abroad as part of your university programme, or volunteer placement over the summer? All you need to do is ask the organisation sending you abroad to contact their National Europass Centre.
  • Diploma supplement - The Europass Diploma Supplement is issued by the higher education institution that awarded your diploma or degree. This could be important for employers, since it provides information about what you studied to achieve your degree or diploma. Bear in mind though that the diploma supplement does not replace the certificate itself (so you will need to send both!), nor does it guarantee recognition*.
  • Certificate supplement - The Certificate supplement is similar to the Diploma supplement but is for vocational training certificates. Again, it can be particularly useful as the course you have followed in one country could be very different from the typical course for that job in another European country. Visit the Europass website to find out how you can get yours!

European Skills Passport - you can easily upload any of the four documents above, plus any certificates or transcripts you want to include, to create your European Skills Passport. This is an electronic portfolio that will give a comprehensive picture of your skills and qualifications to an employer - plus it puts all the documents into one file with a contents page so it’s easy to view and manage.

A reminder about the Europass CV!

The Europass CV has a simple and straightforward layout that is recognisable and understandable across Europe. You can easily choose which fields you want to include, whether you want to include a photo or not, plus it is conveniently laid out, and is easy to update at a later stage. You can work on it online and download it as a PDF, Word document, Open document or XML, or send it directly to your email address.

*To have your qualifications officially evaluated, you can contact the NARIC centre for the country where you want to go.

Learn more:

Did you know? Since its launch in 2005, there have been over 27 million Europass CVs and Language Passports created online!

Across Europe, there is a network of National Europass Centres. These are the first point of contact if you want to learn more about Europass.

Visit the Europass website

Watch the YouTube video about Europass

Download the instructions on how to fill out the Europass CV well – contains useful hints and tips!

Find out about the European Skills passport

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