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Credit Report


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Prepaid Cards


Current Account, Credit Card, Loan or a Mortgage

Here you will find information on opening a bank account in the UK, applying for a credit card, loan or a mortgage.
Please browse through the site and if you have not found the answers you have been looking for, please leave a query here and we will try to reply as soon as possible. Your questions will be also added to the FAQ section of our site.


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  current account  
sp Opening a Bank account is easy and recommended, as it saves you from having to keep cash with you. With the thousands of ATM cash points around the country your funds are easily accessible 24/7. For details of how to open a bank account and the documentation required click here.
cuurent account
  credit cards  
sp If you have had a current bank account for a while, you may consider applying for a credit card. It will be useful in many ways but particulary when you  buy or sell online. For more information click here.
credit cards
sp Loans are something you can consider if you would like to buy a new car, refurbish your property or simply go on holiday. Find some of the most popular loans providers in the UK here but please consider it carefully and make sure you will be able to keep up with the repayments.
sp When buying a home, most of you will be seeking for help from the bank. Here you will find more information on applying for a mortgage and links to most of the UK mortgage providers.
  currency exchange  
sp Although Europe is somewhat united politically and geographically most of the countries including the UK, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Bulgaria and indeed most of the Eastern European countries  are still using different currencies. If you are exchanging currencies often it is worth taking more prudent research into the rates you are quoted...more
currency exchange
  transfer money  
sp Most immigrants in the UK send money back to their home country and sometimes  receive money from abroad. The different methods used to transfer money can be somewhat confusing and here we will try to clarify some of the issues on the subject...more
transfer mpney

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cuurent account

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