Monday, April 22, 2019
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By Coach
Most of us would fly to Europe but there are certain advantages of the bus travel to the continent. The total price of airport parking and air fares can be much hire than a bus fare and you can carry much more luggage on a bus, which is important to some temporary immigrants.

Bus Tickets to Poland


Polskie Biuro Podrozy w Peterborough


249 Lincoln Road, Peterborough


Tel: 07921068312



* Terms and Conditions: Only confirmed sales from the following products will be accepted: breakdown, car, home, landlord, life, public liability, pet and van insurance. We will verify all sales and your name will only be entered should the insurance remain in place for at least 3 months. All sales will be checked against the advertiser databases and only those confirmed will enter the draw. We reserve the right to decline entry for sales that have been cancelled.

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