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Car Insurance

We are glad to be able to help you, through the use of the comparison tool to find you a great car insurance deal in the UK.

Here are the three main types of car insurance in the UK:

  • Comprehensive car insurance cover offers to you the highest level of protection. You cover against malicious injuries, fire, theft, casual injuries or any damages you cause to other people and their property.
  • Third Party, Fire & Theft car insurance. cover insures you against fire or theft damage to your own car, or any damage you cause to other people and their property.
  • Third Party Only car insurance cover is the lowest level of protection. You are covered for any damage you cause to other people and their property. Your car is not covered for any type of loss or damage to it.

If your car is worth more than £5000 you may wish to purchase comprehensive car insurance rather than third party, fire and theft car insurance cover. This is to protect the money that you have spent on your car.


When buying an insurance policy tell the truth: It is your responsibility to disclose all information when you buy insurance. If you withhold information about your circumstances - such as vehicle modifications, your insurer is within their rights to refuse to pay out on a claim. Always check your car insurance small print thoroughly. Most common areas where customers stumble include clauses involving modifications, giving your insurer notification before driving abroad and making a claim when you've left your vehicle unattended. Most of these clauses exist to ensure that you tell your insurer the truth so that they are insuring you for the vehicle and driver which you have described to them.

Car Insurance - FAQ

Wzrost składek ubezpieczeniowych by anp

Koszty ubezpieczenia auta są już prawie o 100£ większe niż na początku roku-co dla kierowców jest jak kara.

Podwyżka w opłatach za ubezpieczenia już jesienią 2017 by anp

Decyzja ta uderzy mocno w młodych kierowców I tych mieszkających w Londynie.
Ubezpieczyciele wyrazili swoje niezadowolenie w związku z zapowiedzią rządu odnośnie wzrostu podatku od składek ubezpieczeniowych o 12% w stosunku do czerwca przyszłego roku.

Jak dokonać zmian w polisie w Direct Line? by anp

Faktem jest, że większość Europejczyków z Europy Wschodniej w Wielkiej Brytanii mielo pewne trudności w operowaniu swoim ubezpieczeniem samochodu, szczególnie jeśli musiało to być zrobione przez telefon.

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